Wednesday, 3 March 2010


When I was in Manchester the other day I was pootling about in the shops, trying on sky-high, 4-inch heels for the fun of it. But whilst I love dramatic, beautiful footwear, I can't help but ask myself when on earth am I ever going to wear such things? Maybe I should go for something more sensible?

I spotted that Kate Kanzier's new collection appeared online last weekend. There are all sorts of different styles, from sweet patterned ballet flats to vintage-inspired court shoes. My favourites, as always, are the brogues. I can't help myself. Here's my pick of the bunch (you'll notice that I'm into natural coloured shoes at the moment rather than, say, electric blue ones). These shoes mostly have man-made uppers and leather linings which makes them very affordable. Check out the great loafers too for an alternative to brogues - these would be my choice.

Eden lace-ups, £35. These are my absolute favourites - love the natty pointed toe, the punch hole pattern and details. Oh my!

Or how about the more classic Alice lace-ups for £30?

Or if I wanted a vintage 80s edge, I'd have the Heather style for £35.


  1. OMG I wish there was a store further north! Cheap + awesome!

    When I am back down south I propose a shopping trip in London via this store :)

    I've avoided the whole ballerina trend as I didn't like any of the ones I've seen but hers look more my kind of thing.

  2. Oooh-aaah. What fabulous shoes! Why are they so inexpensive, though?
    Have you any experience with her sizes, Karen? I'm always a bit dubious about ordering shoes online, somehow, but these are soooo tempting.

  3. Hi!
    Kat - next time you're near London we'll definitely go. The shop is kind of out on its own in Leather Lane Market but it's near Chancery Lane Tube so it's easy to get to.

    Lynn - I think they are inexpensive because they are mostly not made from leather. The finish on the uppers isn't as nice as real leather and I've not worn the pair I already have enough to see how well it wears with time compared to leather. In terms of sizes I am a UK 6, EU39 with fairly wide feet but I tend to fit most shoes. The Kate Kanzier size 39 fits me very well indeed. I know what you mean about ordering shoes online - I keep looking at things and then chickening out at the last minute. I suppose it depends on their returns policy whether you go for it in the end. I would happily order from them because I went into the shop to buy my first pair (some yellow slip-on brogues) so I know they fit. They are good-looking shoes for the price, I think.