Tuesday, 18 May 2010

peg leg trousers and a blouse

I am away in London today running a few errands and seeing old colleagues for lunch. I might even go and draw somewhere interesting in the afternoon. Alternatively I could go on the hunt for that elusive spring/summer jacket that I've been looking for ever since I consigned the last one, faded and ragged, to the bin. Or I could go to Gap and get the husband the coat that he has been eyeing up but which he hasn't found in the right size yet. He, like me, is a pretty average-sized person so whenever something is popular, it always runs out in our sizes first. Annoying!

I thought I'd bite the bullet and show you a couple of things I've mentioned before, namely the sewing project from last week and those pesky peg leg trousers that I keep prattling about but never photograph. Well, here they both are in all their combined peculiar/androgynous glory. Sorry about the rubbish photos - I am not brave enough yet to get the husband to take pictures of me whilst I prat around in silly clothing so I'm doing it on a timer or in the rather dusty bedroom mirror.

The blouse is the sewing project from last week, and was inspired by the one from Jackson, Johnston and Roe that I blogged here. I haven't decided yet if I will sew tiny opaque white buttons to the placket or leave it as is. Amateurishly, I made the pattern up myself, so the fit around the shoulders isn't perfect (it's a bit funnel-necky on someone as square as me) and it's a b***** to take off! Oop! Maybe I'll get better with practice :-) But it was fun to make. I have never made a garment with sleeves before so at least I've learned something!

In order NOT to look like a bloke, perhaps some heels might be in order, but I'm in socks here. Never mind if I look like some random from the 1920s or 30s - I love these pictures of girls in menswear and workwear, from Wikipedia and The Selvedge Yard.


  1. That is so amazing-you made a shirt without a pattern and it looks awesome!

    I think boyish is great. I'm fed up with how sugary all the fashion is at the moment. Don't get me wrong, sometimes its lovely to be all flowery and pretty but when it become obligatory I automatically start to divert back to charity boy clothes.

  2. :-) thanks! I don't really do girly clothing a lot and whilst I like florals I fear I look silly in them so usually opt for utilitarian boy-chic. I won't be doing floral culottes in a rush, put it that way...

  3. I'm seeing floral culottes everywhere. I shuddered at them the first time round as a child, and I still shudder now...

    Great job with the shirt, and those are the peg trousers are they?! They look good together :)

  4. Ah yes, I had a pair of floral culottes as a child and went through a phase of wearing them (followed quickly by hating them). I can see the practicality of culottes for having the coverage of shorts whilst retaining the femininity of a skirt, but really, why not just wear a skirt and to hell with it if someone accidentally sees your pants whilst you're climbing a fence or something? :-)

    Thanks - yes, they are my version of peg trousers - because they are 1980s vintage they aren't exactly the shape that you find in the shops at the moment, but have a less aggressive taper. I might doctor them a little bit to increase the taper effect, but I haven't got round to that yet. x