Thursday, 16 April 2009

Why the blog?

I'm flummoxed. Contemplative...

So why on earth am I starting a blog? Who wants to know about what I'm doing? Is blogging an exhibitionist or delusional activity, in which you kid yourself that you are an interesting person, or is it merely a different way of keeping a personal diary or notebook, but one that is simply open for others to read too?

This blogging business brings to mind a history lesson at school in which we discussed the reasons why people keep diaries. As a self-conscious teen, the notion that a diarist never writes a diary just for themselves but writes it instead (whether consciously or not) as a record for other people to read, was unthinkable. Yet here I am.

I'm sitting here on my own writing to nobody (or potentially lots of people... or just to myself?), and wondering if what I have to say or put up will be of interest to anyone. As a result I feel mildly embarrassed that I'm doing this - like I THINK that I've got something worthwhile to put out there. I'm not so sure in reality.

Anyhoo. I'll do it anyway. I think this'll be interesting for me at least.

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