Monday, 9 May 2011


Well, progress of a sort. Sometimes you've just got to rip the crap out of a place before you can put anything back. This will be our master bedroom. Remember how it was, with the black, patterned wallpaper? Not much has been done to it since we stripped it, but on Thursday we got a chap in to rip down the walls and ceiling for replastering. Now we have a very large hole that opens up into the roof space. I call this progress.

Did you all have a lovely weekend? We went for a rainy walk to Aber Falls with some friends, ate a lot of food and tried to keep the dust at bay at home. It's a hard life...


  1. I had a great time at the weekend and adore the house! Even the big hole in the ceiling somehow looks picturesque and I think I could explore the left behind objects in the studio all day. Next time I must get my camera out and take pictures of strange objects and sheep!

  2. We had a lovely time too - glad you liked the house. The hole is sadly (?) now covered over. We should have a brand new looking room after tomorrow. Very exciting.

    Our neighbours, who own the sheep, wondered who you lot were, given your interest in their livestock. Mark told them you were an ecologist, which I think was satisfactory! x