Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I'm not dead...

So I make all these grand promises to post more drawings up and to be a better blogger than I have been during these last few months and what happens? F***loads of work piles in :-( I am wallowing in self-pity here. It's the usual story again... juggling up to three jobs at once and all of them quite demanding. Pity me. If you can.

I'm back doing some more - huzzah! - car parts. This time it's really car parts, like suspension springs and brake discs. My life is thrilling, really it is. And I'm also working on stuff for Tesco and Nationwide. In short, it's all gone a bit crazy.

Nothing much has been happening around here other than work. House progress has been slowly grinding to a halt with too many weekends away, the husband going to Miami on a conference and a general lack of energy. I think the autumnal cold and darker days are getting to me. It is lovely and sunny outside today, but I'm stuck in the coldest and gloomiest room in the house drawing a steering wheel. Someone buy me one of those light box thingies, please.

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