Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Christmas hiatus

I could make all sorts of excuses for the lack of activity on this blog but none of them are really good enough. Winter blues, work, crippling exhaustion from the busiest and craziest year of my life so far... yeah, all of those have contributed, but I'm still sorry. I am so grateful that anyone at all turns up to read or look at the stuff I put up here.

I'm going to take a little blog break and not beat myself up over it. I want to rest, to spend time with my darling husband, whose gruelling London placement ends this Christmas, to put up pretty decorations and devise the most spectacular two-day menu for our New Year party with friends. I want to see my family, eat my Dad's cooking, paint the bathroom, finish restoring a wardrobe... so many things! And I'm not going to feel guilty that some things will take second place.

Any people reading this - thank you for a wonderful year. I'll be back in January, hopefully refreshed and ready for an even better year!


  1. Thanks for engaging and amusing us with your wonderful drawings and thoughtful outpourings...! I don't comment often enough, but I've been reading the whole time. Have a great Christmas; see you soon. x

  2. Thanks, Jon! Really looking forward to seeing you - have a great xmas, meanwhile! x

  3. You take all the time you need, get lots done, surround yourself with love, and have the most wonderful Christmas ever!
    (PS. Why are you not designing cards? What an irresistible Christmas creature!)

  4. Oh! Thanks, Lynn :-) I hope you have a lovely Christmas, and a great trip abroad too!

    I did design cards, one of them with this rabbit, but I didn't put any up for sale (e-mail me with your postal address and I'll send you one! It probably won't get there on time now, but I'd like you to have one!)

  5. Happy, healty, lucky new year in your new home!