Monday, 25 May 2009

fun at the auction!

I had my eye on this plan chest and these chemist's chests of drawers at Willingham Auctions since they appeared on the catalogue a week or more ago. I love items like this - furniture that once had a different function but is now offered up as something for your home or office. I'd use the plan chest for all the papers I've got piled underneath our bed, and the drawers would be great for storing all the small bits of junk that I use for sewing and painting. I had no intention of buying them, given their estimates and our lack of house room, but we went out to the auction on Saturday so that I could drool/weep over them for a couple of hours before they were sold.

Now, the auction house's estimates are often bang-on, and I expected these to sell for at least their top estimates. But my goodness were we in for a surprise. The plan chest sold within estimate for £240, but the most expensive chest of chemist's drawers (estimate £400-600) sold for a whopping £1850 plus commission! Wow. I was strangely happy about how much they sold for, as if their high price reflected some sort of good taste in myself :-) Mark thought I was mad.

I did, however, manage to come away from the auction with a random collection of silver/white metal charms on a bracelet, which I'm hoping to re-invent as necklace charms. I'll take some pics to put up here later this week. All in all (including a magnificent bacon roll and tea) it was a very good day out.

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