Thursday, 21 May 2009

retro photography

Just been noseying about the internet and came across these Lomo Diana cameras. How much do I want one?! I like the idea of photography - I have a delusion that just because I'm an artist I should, for some reason, be good at photography. This is not the case.

These cameras really make me want to have a go though. I like the idea of messed up colours and weird quirks - maybe they will somehow make the shots that I take more interesting? Or maybe not? If I ever get one, maybe I'll take some shots and put them up here.

I especially like the 'Hong Meow' (Chinese for 'panda') Hong Kong version with its lovely green detailing - much cuter than my digital camera!

They are a bit cheaper on eBay, so maybe I'll treat myself one of these days...

I've also finished a new friend. I'll photograph her later and post up a pic!

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  1. If you like "toy cameras" I have a fuji instax mini camera (cost about a tenner) and a shed load of film. It was quite fun to use out in africa-there is something fun about watching the film pop up.

    No fancy controls and it looks like a japanese childrens toy, but if you want to borrow it, next time I pass through dads I can post it with a few films.

    I also have a big instax one I got off ebay for 90p but it is more like a tank and not as much fun even though the pictures are bigger.