Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I'm at a loose end this week, fraying at the edges... I have no structure to my days and nothing much to do (at least nothing I want to do). I'm waiting for a job to come in and crossing my fingers, I'm finishing things like those sewing projects I gave you a peek of the other week...

What was remarkable about the auction we went to on Saturday was the range of prices paid for things. There were whole crates of old bottles going for £12, but other things, like those boots I loved (£70!) sold for a lot of money. I adored this children's penny farthing from the 1950s, really wanted it for no reason (mostly because of the colour, I think), but it went for £100. Those beautiful baker's trolleys went for a whopping £220 each (their estimate was £60-90), the Colman's box for £230, and this Sunlight finger plate (you know, something you'd fix onto your door where you push it) went for an incredible £2000. The auction room went quiet as a mouse during the bidding for that - I don't think anyone could quite believe what they were hearing. I don't even think it's that attractive, but serious collectors are odd beasts, I guess.

There were two sales: one taken walking past the lots in the meadow outside, which I attended in the freezing cold, whilst the husband installed himself on the chairs indoors for the other sale. It was marvellous fun - and there were some great-looking Norfolk characters hanging around to stare at too.

Oh yeah, and today's your last chance to enter the giveaway at Pikaland!

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