Friday, 20 November 2009

That cardigan...

Just for Kat, here is the woollen Norwegian cardigan and Barbour look (with black skinny jeans and brogues) that I've been pratting about in at auctions and antique markets. Sorry about the rubbish photographs - bad weather and odd green stained glass in our door... I am too shy to photograph myself in it. It will get its next outing tomorrow at the auction in Diss.

Today I am sick as a dog - my ailment is of the intestinal variety so I shan't go into detail. I am fasting today so I can go to this auction tomorrow without needing to disappear to the ladies every half hour. Not funny. I am STARVING, delirious with hunger. I haven't even been anywhere apart from the post office but I guess all it takes is some dirty greb there who didn't wash their hands properly... grrrr!!!!!!

Have a good weekend!


  1. I love that cardigan!!!!

    I have to get better at knitting so I can knit bigger things like that. I'm learning fair isle this week on some leg warmers!

    Eventually I want to be able to knit this crazy dress, but apparently its very hard to knit, and wool is bloomin expensive, so that will have to wait a while!

  2. don't do that ! fasting is the worse thing you can do! you need the brat diet.. Bannanas..Rice (brown rice).. Applesauce...Toast! it will tottally help keep things together, if you know what I mean ... not eating will only make it worse. -Sarahlynn

  3. Hi! Thanks for the advice. I think I will eat something like that now - when we were ill as kids, my parents always made congee (rice porridge) for us as our 'brat diet' :-). I think bananas are soothing for the stomach or something, right?

    Kat - I wish I had the patience for knitting. Two rows and I'm bored. It's sad. That dress would take me the rest of my life to make and it would be filthy from my grubby little mitts.