Friday, 2 April 2010


Here is the kitchen in yesterday's house. I think you'll agree that it needs work i.e. gutting and starting all over again. I mean, that pine ceiling and strip lighting make my eyes hurt.

So I had a little scout around for some inspiration, just in case I get hold of a house that needs a new kitchen. I don't really know what I want, but from these images it appears that I like painted cabinets in white or greyish neutrals, a little bit of pattern and touches of wood. But knowing me and our potential budget, I would end up living with that awful pine-y kitchen forever! One can dream, though :-)

I am a bit scared of pattern but I'm strangely drawn to this Portuguese tiling. It reminds me of the riotous beauty of Parc Guell in Barcelona and brings a touch of character and whimsy to the space. You could try similar ideas with some of Fired Earth's lovely patterned tiles, or use an eclectic selection of beautiful antique tiles.

Images from:, Vila do Artesao, Tumblr (sorry, the actual owner of the image wasn't credited where I found it), Flickr and Wet Behind the Ears. All via We Heart It.

Anyway, I am getting a bit ahead of myself! I think I need to stop fantasizing.


  1. I think I am sick in the head as I kind of like the pine. (Not the strip lighting though). And I definitely love the tiling (I like lots of mis-matched crazy pattern).

    Fantasising is great. Since I got the job offer, I have been fantasising about this place (probably more to rent in than to buy). Very close to work and I love old mills. There is so little room though, one might poke oneself in the eye with a knitting needle if not careful...(and you'd have to have a sofa that converted into a bed...).

  2. Aaaargh! It looks like an extra large, 70s style sauna. All it needs is a guy in tight polyester shorts with a huge handlebar tache...

    Mind you, my kitchen isn't better. In fact, it's worse. I'm currently sporting the green floral 70s tile look myself, although thankfully only in places.

    I too dream about light, airy, minimalist kitchens with huge windows and a toaster of epic proportions :)

  3. Kat - I LOOOOOVE conversions like that. Old mills, warehouses etc. all get me quite excited. If I lived in a city, I'd like something in a building like that, with the old bricks and huge windows. Gorgeous. And WELL DONE again for getting that job. I am so excited for you. I lived in my tiny studio flat in London for two years - it's not so bad :-)

    Laura - that made me laugh, the sauna comment. You're definitely right about that. And the toaster - one that costs a bomb and you can actually replace parts of it when it breaks down rather than chucking the whole thing in the bin :-)