Thursday, 1 April 2010

One Hundred Days - no. 78

Today I haven't even the will to pick up a paintbrush... Does anyone else go up and down in energy and zeal like I do? If you look through my blog, there are weeks where I will post twice a day and have lots (too much?) to say for myself, and other weeks where I'm listless and lazy. This is one of the latter. I think I am suffering from having to talk to too many estate agents...


  1. Yes, I can definitely identify with that! And I suspect that dealing with estate agents would make me listless too!

  2. :-) They can be a bit wearing sometimes - especially the one we had yesterday who wore far too much perfume and left us gasping for fresh air. She smelt like a cake! Too much vanilla...

  3. Gross! Vanilla in cake...yes, possibly even a candle, if it isn't too overpowering. But in a perfume, it's a migraine waiting to happen! x