Friday, 14 January 2011

please bear with me

Ah. Things are going a bit cockahoop over here. I'm trying to motivate myself to start working properly but keep getting distracted by business matters and phone calls. I'm sorry I've not drawn anything for you yet this year. I promise better things next week.

For now, here's a lovely shop I discovered this morning, selling vintage and French furniture and homewares: Little Paris. Yeah, I'm on a bit of a window shopping binge at the moment and dreaming of having a house to decorate with things I can't afford :-)

I did splurge on a few things at Christmas for the husband, though. This vintage 1950s laundry box, from Country and Chic on eBay, was meant to be the hamper for all the food gifts I got him, but sadly it arrived too late because of the snow. He got it last Saturday instead, as a Ukrainian Christmas present (he's half Ukrainian and we had the whole family over for a traditional feast).

Have a marvellous weekend, all! x

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