Wednesday, 1 June 2011

checking in

Hi all. Sorry things have been a bit quiet lately. I've been a bit busy/tired/distracted. Work continues to pile in. I am meant to complete 60 seconds of animation by Friday afternoon and haven't even started yet (not my fault!), but it's going to be a crazy few days. This may also coincide with the go ahead to colour another six pieces for Honda. I may pop. This could be messy. I need a holiday.


  1. Hang in there, Karen. You DO need - and deserve - a holiday: is stress' end in sight?

  2. Hi Lynn. Thanks! I've got two jobs on the go at the moment - one ending this Sunday and the other I'm still about to start colouring. It's been absolutely crazy since March this year. Put it this way - if I don't work again this tax year it won't be a bad thing! I am dreaming of Italy at the moment, or perhaps just our garden as long as there's some sunshine! x

  3. Hey Karen, hope all is going...well, less crazy for you now. I second the holiday thing. We took an all to brief trip to Criccieth the other week and it was brilliant. In the middle of house packing for a move to London, so it was calm before a storm...


  4. Hi Laura! It's all still a bit crazy - I was working for a big part of the weekend :-/ I hate working weekends.

    I adore Criccieth - it was one of the first places we visited when we moved up to Wales last summer.

    That's so exciting that you're moving to London - have you also changed jobs? I miss London a little bit. There's still a bit of a city girl in me. I hope all the packing is going well and that it's not too arduous! x

  5. It's more a case of taking the plunge, quitting my current job and deciding to move there. I think the change of scenery will be what I need, and know there's more fulfilling work out there to be had. I've always been a country girl, but the big city is what I'm crying out for right now.

    Packing is coming along at a pace. In between sifting through the detritus of living in one place for 4 years! Also, finding a place is proving harder than we anticipated (oh, the naivety!) and we're also woefully unsure of nice areas to live. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! We've been looking in South London mostly...

    Anyway, hope all is great with you. Loving the house updates! :) x

  6. So nice to hear from you again! I'm glad that packing is coming along nicely. It's a good chance to throw out a lot of junk, I find, but it is a lot of work! Car boot sales and charity shops were where a lot of our unwanted stuff went :-)

    As for places to live in London... I have lived in Notting Hill (!), Southfields and Fulham. I adored Fulham - lived round the corner from Fulham Broadway where there is a great mix of nice shops, two supermarkets and then the wonderful street market and dodgy (but useful!) shops of North End Road. I think rents are quite high there, though. Depends on your budget. Southfields (on the tube to Wimbledon) was nice but much more suburban in feel, being further out. I like Putney and Wandsworth too, or Battersea, Clapham... those kind of places. I was always a South Londoner! I don't suppose that helps very much :-) Even Brixton is quite nice these days.

    I'm fine, thanks. Just REALLY busy with work. It's mental. I hope everything goes well for you and that you enjoy London. I'm sure you will love it.

  7. Nice to hear from you, too! Yup, packing is nothing short of draining. Plus, yes, I know dust gets everywhere, but I'm a pretty clean person, and yet dust seems to come from everything I pack. Hate that dust-coated-hands feeling! I have bags for charity shops. There are a lot in my town so I can spread the wealth, haha!

    Thanks for the London tips! Much appreciated. Putney and Wandsworth are nice, and we've found that Dulwich is too, but very much the yummy mummy set!

    Hope you're enjoying Wales, work and everything. :) x

  8. Oh yes, Dulwich is lovely, but a bit posh for me, perhaps!