Tuesday, 28 June 2011

This and that

Well. I'm nearly there (she says). Merely days away (I hope) from finishing the latest crazy round of work. I have been drawing bits for Honda again, doing some Top Secret character drawing for some anonymous clients, and drawing houses and stuff for a website that I will tell you more about when it's published (which may be a while yet!).

After all this, I plan to be on holiday for a while. I don't know what I will do. I hope that it will be very little. I am bad at doing very little, so probably I'll be messing around in the house, doing a lot of window shopping for things I can't afford and generally wasting time pottering about. Hey, maybe I'll even draw something funny, although I haven't felt funny for a while. We may, if I get my new passport in time, go abroad for a week but we will have to see. I feel a strong urge to go somewhere with some sunshine. Wales is not the place for sunshine. I am finding it hard to form well-considered sentences.

EDIT: Guess what? A new job just landed in my inbox. I think I will say no. Will I be strong enough to say no?

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