Tuesday, 5 July 2011

i'm here!

Well, I'm here for a few days and then we are off to vegetate for a week in Tuscany. We will be staying at Fattoria San Paolo, an agriturismo with a bio-pool, which is like swimming in a pond, only a bit less murky. I am beyond excited and definitely ready for some lazy days in the heat and a lot of good food.

Everything here has got a bit out of hand - the house is a mess, my studio roof has sprung a leak, and the garden needs attention rather badly. Progress on the house has come to a standstill.

What else has been going on? We went to an absolutely delightful wedding at the weekend where I saw some old school friends. If you happen to be in Llangollen this week for the music Eisteddfod, check out some of my work at the Helfa Gelf stand. Work is easing off at last. I will be back with some more nonsense later this week.


  1. ah, a "bio-pond". I think I swam in one of those out in Austria. The wedding was at a self-catering place on a working farm (lovely rooms arranged around a courtyard) and had a big pond you could swim in complete with old slide and decking. It was really wonderful and clean and you could swim right up to the banks which were full of frogs and dragonflies in and amongst the pond plants! So beautiful.

    Some people were less enamoured with it when I pointed out the leeches though!

    Not quite good as Canadian lake swimming but pretty good and warm!

  2. hmm. Leeches. I can deal with that. I heard there were frogs in it, which is super cool. I love lake swimming too - Annecy in France in particular. Fooking freezing some years, but other years it's been beautiful to swim in! x