Thursday, 22 September 2011

a long-winded and rambling update

Hi kids. Yes, I'm here! It's been a hell of a month and after this coming weekend it's all going to change again. Sunday will be the last day that I will be open for Helfa Gelf - if any of you readers made it to my studio over the past month, thank you so, so much for coming.

I have had an immensely enjoyable, exhausting, humbling and encouraging time doing it. I have met a slew of wonderful people: too many to list all of them. Yesterday I mentioned Jenny, but I am also very lucky to have met local artists such as Helen Melvin, who is like a modern-day alchemist, cooking up natural dyes in her studio and making gorgeously rich images with her hand-dyed felt. Further up in the hills is Ruth Thomas, whose collagraph techniques made me wish I could have a go, and even further up are all the talented folk up at the Gales Gathering. I also enjoyed meeting Badge (blog, website), a recent graduate with a fabulously interesting and macabre portfolio of work. His studio mates, Wendy and Susie were also fun and talented.

It has been inspiring to have met so many creative people in such a short space of time. What has struck me over the course of the event is a common desire to support each other as independent artists, that all of us are doubtful sometimes of our own ability and need encouraging every now and then. A meet-up for a natter and a cup of tea is always a good thing too!

So what next? To be honest, I'm not sure. I think I need another holiday! Whatever the case, I am aiming to be back here and blogging more frequently again (don't I sound like a stuck record?).


  1. It makes me so happy that you are surrounded by like-minded, like-talented people - did you realise this when you bought the house?
    And I'm going to hold you to the more frequent blogging bit....:-)

  2. I didn't really know there was this kind of density of creative people in the area. North Wales is known as a favourite place for artists to live, but I'd kind of forgotten that, so it was a lovely surprise to find so many people just down the road from me! It's been really great.

    Uh, yeah, the blogging... I'll see what I can do! I don't really know where to start!

    Hope you are well

  3. Helfa Gelf was a great experience but it's such a relief to be back to normal now :D Was lovely meeting you and your studio and work was stunning! And Thank you so much for the mention :)
    See you soon Badge :)