Monday, 12 September 2011


I still have nothing very interesting to show you! We have been spending money. Lots of it.

I finally cracked about having next to no comfortable seating in the house (fourteen - yes, fourteen - dining chairs and only one sofa?!), and bought this three seater sofa from Blue Suntree.

I also bought this rather girly antique rug to go around/under a bed in one of the bedrooms from Magic of Orient on eBay. I know I can make it work!

Helfa Gelf is going really well - I sold an original drawing on Saturday, which I was over the moon about, although I will be a bit sad that it will be leaving me. I adored the couple who bought it, though, so I am sure it will go to a good home.


  1. I knew Helfa Gelf would go well, and yay for good homes! :-)
    That couch is gorgeous - is it comfy? My husband is very unhappy with our couch, he wanted sturdy, but he can't seem to get comfortable on it at all. We might have to sell it - and the armchair - and find something else. I'm glad it was cheap.
    I love the rug, too. My search for a Kelim or a Persian rug is not going well. Either. :-S

  2. Aw. Hi Lynn - so nice to hear from you. Sorry I've been neglecting the old blog for a while. I hope you are well.

    I'm afraid I have no idea yet if the couch is comfy - it will arrive in about four weeks and I can't wait. I will definitely tell you if it is comfy - they ship abroad as well as in the UK I think, just in case. It's a real shame yours isn't comfortable for your husband. I'm a bit worried that this one may be the same, but we already have a sofa that my husband loves to sit in, so we will keep both and hopefully we will all be happy!

    Finding the right rug, the one that you've got a vision of in your head, can be so frustrating. Either they are too expensive, too worn (I rather like them worn) or just not quite right. Good luck finding one. I am hoping that this one doesn't make the room too pink/coral, but I am thinking it will mostly be hidden under the end of the bed or something, so just a pop might be quite fun. We'll see! I'll post pictures one day :-)


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  4. Adorable?! hahaahahah. You'll get to know us better...

    You should have said you found a couch! This is REALLY nice.

  5. :-D Glad to be getting to know you better! So nice to see you today - thanks for tea, and sorry I had to rush off to my car! The couch is good, isn't it? It hasn't arrived yet, so I'm waiting to gush about it when it gets here :-)