Friday, 12 February 2010

a few things for the weekend...

I don't often blog stuff that someone else has blogged, but I am loving this house. The light and colours are perfect and that raw wall in the kitchen is beautiful. I get the feeling that if I were to ever try something like that it would just look horrible, but it works here. Image from Ill Seen, Ill Said (full credits to be found there).

Whilst I am blogging this, I am listening to Devendra Banhart, who happens to be a great drawer as well as a singer. His music seems to be hitting just right note for me today - intriguing, whimsical, simple, expressive, almost elemental if that makes any sense. I am always drawn to artists whose output hints at fabulous and colourful goings-on inside their heads.

Have you seen this video for his song, 'A Ribbon'? It's just beautiful.

Here is some of his artwork, scanned by me from Vitamin D - New Perspectives in Drawing published by Phaidon. This book is seriously amazing and inspiring. I will write more about it next week with some images from it.

Untitled, 2004, ink on paper.

(top) Bob Marley, Indian Rasta Ghost, Skullface Indian, Babylon You Throne, Gone Down, 2004, ink on paper. (bottom) Untitled, 2004, ink on paper.

(We've been having internet issues here, so if I don't post something for the one hundred days later, forgive me!)

Have a great weekend! Happy Valentine's Day too :-) x


  1. the house I grew up in had walls like that. Only it looked shit not romantic. It is an easy thing to create though. Just half finish your DIY and leave for a decade. Affordable and lazy.

    Do you like Patrick Wolf? Plays violin. Sort of electronic classical folk. Early stuff is very "I'm tortured and play in the woods", then he dyed his hair orange and went sort of folky-Mika. I can't decide if he's an arrogant prat or tortured genius. Maybe it depends on my mood :) Not so keen on his videos though.

    But for arty musicians, I love Graham Coxon. He does all his own cover art. Its shit mind. But then, it sort of goes with his tuneless punky nature. There is a priceless youtube video of him prattling on about how he is shit at photoshop but quite likes being shit.

    But then I would probably swing any music conversation round to Graham Coxon.

    Shite, I was meant to be writing job applications...

  2. and apologies for turning your blog blue. I've realised I used three swear words in that last post.

  3. :-D you make me laugh. Which is a good thing on a Friday afternoon when I have a deadline in a couple of hours but I haven't really started working on it. Better than job applications, though, I guess. I don't mind swearing - you know me.

    I know a little Patrick Wolf. My old flatmate used to like his music but I never paid enough attention to him. I have seen some of his videos during his orange haired phase. He is intriguing, yes. maybe I'll listen to some more.

    And Graham Coxon, well, he is weird in a good way too :-)

  4. Thanks for the link love! Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Jane - thanks for the lovely post. Your blog is beautiful :-)