Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I have been thinking recently that I've never shown you any pictures of my home. There are reasons for this. Firstly it's usually too messy. Secondly it's often too dark (17th century thatched cottages tend to have low ceilings and tiny windows!). Lastly I've never really considered it to be 'done' or even in a state where I am happy with it. It has always been too small and poky for me, restricting the things I can or can't do with it. And with it being so small, all the furniture in it makes it sometimes look rather cluttered. In short, I've never seen it as a place that I would really put my stamp on because we always knew we weren't going to be here for more than two or three years before we moved on. But here you go anyway. Here's the living room, where we basically conduct most of our lives - sitting, dining and playing the piano. It's cramped. Anyone over 5'10 will bang their heads somewhere.

I will miss this place. We finally exchanged contracts on Monday, so the house is officially sold. I am filled with a mixture of relief and a little sadness.

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