Thursday, 23 September 2010

Drawn - adulthood 08

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, you always end up back in Ikea sooner than you wish...


  1. So true. I almost passed out/threw up on my last visit. Their dinner tasted nice but made me want to explode.

    I think I'll avoid the place for a while. I've sort of got enough furniture to store 90% of my crap and I'm past caring whether it matches any more.

    Dad is visiting on Saturday so despite him saying "he just wants tea, we can go out for food, don't make an effort", I still need to mow the 10 inch lawn, vacuum and do a massive tidy up as there is cardboard, piles of random crap and a bike strewn across my living room.

    Parents don't realise how even a small visit require a military operation in order just to have tea.

  2. I know. My parents and sister are coming to ours tomorrow. The place is full of woodlice. OK, that's not my fault, but it still isn't a good look.

    Wow, you have a lawn now? That's hardcore. I'm sure your Dad really means it when he says not to make an effort! It must be nice to have a place that you feel you can welcome guests to.