Tuesday, 1 March 2011

life drawing

None of these portraits quite capture his likeness, but the central one is possibly the closest. He had an extraordinarily interesting head shape.


  1. Life drawing - very cool! Likenesses are so hard to capture. It's often about what's behind the eyes than the eyes themselves.

    Beautiful sketches. Hope you're well! x

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for your comment - yes, likenesses are really hard to get right, and the eyes are all important.

    I'm very well thanks - still no new house, but slowly slowly... Hope you are well too. x

  3. I'm good thanks! Still no new house for us either, but we'll get there! Hope you're enjoying Wales, though. :) x

  4. Thanks, Wales is lovely, even through the freezing winter. Good luck with finding a place to live x