Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Two lists for today

Currently failing to:
Keep my vegetable seedlings alive
Prepare the beds for the surviving veg
Write this blog
Make decisions about what to do with this enormous house
Do anything but work
Keep a sensible perspective on all of this!

Succeeding in:

Berating myself for these failures
Setting up the wormery
Getting worked up about my workload
Moaning a lot

Hope you are doing better than me at this life business. The poor husband is racking up his brownie points, cooking and cleaning whilst I slave away at my desk. I have a short respite this afternoon and here I am wasting time writing utter drivel when I could be doing something far more useful...


  1. Writing here is never a waste of time, as I always wonder how you're doing. Hang in there, there always comes a moment when things fall into their meant-to-be place...
    And hooray for the wormery!

  2. Oh Lynn, you always make me feel better about my failings! Thank you for your sweet comment. I've just updated the blog with what we've been up to, including a bit of furniture shopping! x