Tuesday, 17 May 2011

stuff and nonsense

I know I haven't drawn anything in a long while. I'm sorry. I've been working i.e. drawing so much lately that I seem to run out of juice by the time I come to doing something to post up here. This week I'm drawing all sorts of weird things like floodlights and pigeons. Best not to ask.

Images from The Old School Studio

Meanwhile, I came across this amazing space, The Old School Studio, whilst prandling around looking at lighting. It's a photographic studio and location, but it is stuffed with the kind of things I just love - old school posters, mismatching furniture and, of course, great lighting.

If you're in the UK and into industrial style lighting, check out Urban Cottage Industries, which specialises in selling lighting parts, fabric cable and beautiful filament bulbs. I want it all! See their lighting projects (image above) on their blog.

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