Thursday, 23 February 2012

Moomin stuff

Loving these Moomin trays, on offer on Achica today. I like the colourful one best. Various designs are also available full price here, here and here. Now I must get on with some work...


  1. MOOOOOOOOOMINS. I love moomins. I still read the books when ill-they are actually quite well written and I like how they are a bit creepy and odd.

    PS I am looking at a cottage painted bright blue next weekend...just because, well why not?!

    Will mail you with gossip/weekend plans after this weekend when I plan to drive to Notts then promptly collapse in a small ball after a week of poor work:sleep ratio!


  2. How much did I - and do I - love the Moomins? The Kraken used to scare the living be-Jesus out of me. I saw a few episodes again recently and it still did! I think I like that sinister black and white trays the best.

    Hope you're well! x

  3. Thanks guys. I love the Moomins too. So weird. The dark black and white trays are pretty cool, aren't they? I would have them all, for different moods!

    Kat - yeah. Get in touch about next weekend. Hope the blue cottage is good fun to look at. xx