Monday, 14 May 2012

hello, beautiful...

No, I haven't given birth prematurely, but I have bought a super-large vintage wall chart of lobster anatomy from the lovely Junk Deluxe to indulge myself. It's currently adorning our bathroom wall because it happened to complement the wall colour, and there aren't too many walls big enough in our house to accommodate it. Needless to say, I am in love with it.

Like Junk Deluxe on Facebook for most recent stock updates. Wall colour: Hardwick White by Farrow and Ball. The other picture is a screen print by James Brown.

Hope you have all been well. Life is slowing down at my end - I'm counting down the days until I finish my latest project and can finally get on with preparing for the arrival of the little beast currently residing in my belly.


  1. Excellent - that will freak out guests visiting the bathroom like nothing else...! :D

  2. :-) Hehe. Yeah, and it gives me something to look at whilst I'm brushing my teeth! x

  3. Phew! I was getting worried about you there-was about to send an e-mail wondering if you'd been rushed into hospital!!!

    Love the poster. I want something similar but am hankering after the school posters with animals in Cymraeg so I can learn all the names. Not sure where to get one from though!

    Also Tim and I discovered the Penmaenmawr antiques shop-good job I don't have a house yet...

  4. Ooh. I'll keep an eye out for a Welsh animals poster. That would be great.

    Sorry, I've been a bit lazy with emails. Will write ASAP.

    Perry Higgins in Penmaenmawr is amazing, isn't it? I could spend all day in there looking at stuff. I resist buying loads of junk for the house, but rarely leave there without something in my hand. Dangerous place. x