Wednesday, 15 July 2009

big clocks

The reason why that big clock caught my eye yesterday was because it reminded me of an article in Period Living magazine that I saw more than a year ago. It was a peek into a reader's home that had been converted from an old Worcestershire pub using mostly reclaimed and antique items. The owners had a lovely eye for eclectic furnishings that combined to give the house a quirky charm. One of the most interesting things was the enormous clock that they rescued from the old bus station in Kidderminster. Perhaps it's a little large and certainly not to everyone's taste, but I like that element of surprise and the playfulness with ideas of scale and placement. I also like the old school gym horse - great fun if you have the house room for it :-).

Images from Period Living magazine, March 2008.

So, as I said on Monday, I've been rather busy so work and this blog have been squeezed into the little gaps in between socialising. Today, for the first time in a week, I'm alone in the house. It's just me and the melodious sound of the washing machine. For the rest of the week I shall be finishing a commission for Nature and dreaming up new things to write about here. Perhaps I'll start something interesting next week for the blog, just perhaps.

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