Monday, 14 December 2009


I have loved living here in our little cottage for nearly two years now, but I am a nasty, fickle thing. I have enjoyed the pretty field view at the end of the garden, the perfect little vegetable patch and watching the husband regularly bang his head on the wooden beams in the house. We have been privileged to be homeowners, and to live in such a picture-perfect house, but some time during our trip this weekend I got a serious itch to move away from where we are now to somewhere in north Powys. OK, so I know it was a beautiful winter's day and I had my proverbial rose-tinted spectacles on, but seriously, it was just amazing.

Sadly, I am not a great photographer, and taking photos of scenery from a moving car never works, so I am left with these photos, taken from and in Montgomery.

In the area around Llanfyllin (pronounce that without spitting, if you can), the hills are spectacular. There, near Meifod, you can get this lovely farmhouse complete with land and a gorgeous view over the valley.

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