Thursday, 10 December 2009

Some of my favourite stomping grounds

I am going to put up some pencil drawings for sale in my Etsy shop some time soon - drawings that I made on various trips to my favourite places. Firstly, the Hunterian Museum in Holborn, London is probably my favourite - packed full of jars of pickled animals and other medical specimens, it is both macabre and fascinating. I also used to draw at the Natural History Museum in London but the hordes of young children coming by to gawp and ask 'are you an artist?' drives me nuts after a while. It's quite a difficult question for me - am I an artist? - because I struggle with the answer all the time. I like to think I am...

Then there are other cities and other museums. I have a particular fondness for my old place of study, the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge, where I spent many happy hours listening to the magnificent and fascinating Adrian Friday's lectures, or studying fossils, and snoring my way through tutorials, or supervisions as we called them. To go back there now simply to draw pictures is bliss. I do miss the old days when I used to KNOW something about the animals I was drawing, but really, my brain didn't have the capacity for it all so I'm better off as I am now.

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