Tuesday, 11 May 2010


It looks like I'm going to be stupidly busy until Friday - yet more work is about to land on my desk with a tight deadline, and it's animation as well, so I'll be up into the wee hours on Wednesday night at least.

So I thought I'd leave you until Friday with a link to a shop that I wish I could afford something from - Tucker by Gaby Basora. I don't normally do loud prints, but something about the cut of the blouses and the casual retro chic of the shirt dresses gets my attention.

All images from the Tucker webshop.


  1. Good luck with all the work!

    Being a bit of a fan of mad prints myself (proud owner of white blouse with bright pink flamingo print, haha!) I really like these clothes, especially the last dress.

    Have a good week! x

  2. I love prints, but I'm afraid they make me look weird sometimes. That last dress is lovely isn't it? I want! x