Monday, 10 May 2010

the weekend

was a bit mad. We had a wonderful time at Go Ape - it really is worth having a go, even if you aren't all that confident with stuff like heights or swinging between trees and climbing rope ladders. I love that kind of thing so it was perfect fun for me. We went with a bunch of my school friends and their partners and spent the rest of the weekend eating, playing Cluedo badly (ever tried it drunk?) and drinking too much. I am exhausted and a bit fluffy today as a consequence.

This week I'm doing another Dorling Kindersley book spread, this time on famous alien abductions. I am really enjoying drawing UFOs!

Hope you all had a good weekend. I need another one right now...


  1. Wow, haven't played Cluedo in years, although I am partial to an epic game of Trivial Pursuit! Glad you had a good time x :)

  2. funnily enough, we also played Trivial Pursuit from a 1989 edition. We played in teams and were massacred by my husband and his team mate within 45 minutes. The rest of us were so drunk that it was kind of pointless. I got a question about aardvarks and another about gorillas right. That was it. So not so much 'epic' as embarrassing!