Thursday, 17 September 2009

whilst I'm on a shopping binge...

I'm going to go off on a girly thing. Bear with me whilst I indulge myself. I'm busy with work for the rest of the week, so random stuff about junk shopping in NY can wait for a while. I've been thinking about lots of things. Brown mid-calf length boots (can't find any that are just right - they must be quite plain, no engineer-style straps across the top of the foot, round-toed, loose like wellies around the ankle, low, dark brown not tan, not too cowboy-like, and available in ENGLAND, goddammit!). I found these clog boots by Sanita, but I prefer them in black (pictured below) to brown - but can I find them anywhere? Just one pair in brown on eBay in the wrong size. They were in Plümo's collection last year, but this year they've got a yucky dark tan thing going on. Sigh.

What else? I'm also after woollen tights: grey and ribbed like the bum-itchy ones I used to wear at school. Beautiful big leather satchels that don't cost the earth (more about these another time). The autumn Toast catalogue, especially the roper boots (shown in top image, only they are the wrong colour!) and this dress (below). Boden also have a pair of shortish boots but somehow they don't seem right, certainly not for £169!

Images from Toast, Plümo and Sanita.

And how about selling up my tiny Fulham flat and buying a house for renovation in N17 instead? Fun or stupid?

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