Saturday, 17 October 2009

attempt no.2

How about this one? Sorry about the random colour choices... gah! I HATE purple and that's how it looks on my screen. Yech!


  1. Sweet! I haven't come across this but it's a cool idea. I prefer this one to the first one - can I have a play with it? (jon dot clayden at gmail dot com.) Looks more red than purple on my screen, BTW... :)

  2. It also looks reddy purple on my screen, but I love purple, so whatever.

    I also think this is my favourite. I like the fact it looks home-madey, if that is a non-insulting sounding description.

    You should so do a "design your own card" service where people select one of your fonts and then select from a number of characters and speech bubble types, so they have their own personalised message. You could have your company logo on it, so people still knew you were the artist. Like moonpig but way cooler. Probably selling your art a bit cheap though :) Although I'd actually pay quite a lot if the service also sent all my cards out somehow...

  3. OK. It looks reddy purple on mine too. And it's only lilac I don't really like... I do own various berry-coloured garments that don't offend :-). And no, I'm not offended - home-made/hand drawn is always a good thing.

    That's a rather interesting idea for cards, Kat - I'll think about it. I am a cheap person at heart, so any money-making deal would suit!