Monday, 23 August 2010

Before and after

I'm back! We are now installed in our new house in Wales and whilst the place is messy, smells like must and damp, and is cold and empty without all my junk unpacked, it is starting to feel like home. I don't have a lot of time today, but I thought I'd show you some before and after shots of our move, as it were. Here are some shots of our old house and the view from the garden just before we left...

And here is the place we have moved into (can you spot the difference?! And yes, that's a giant hay feeder thingy for horses on the right hand side there.):

For comparison, here's the view from the yard outside:

Our landlady is getting the exterior woodwork painted white, so it'll look smarter outside when she's finished. That door leading to the upstairs is a lovely stable door with top and bottom halves that can open separately, so on good weather days I can have the breeze blowing into the room where I will be working (OK, it's raining today, but the view is still lovely - the photo doesn't really do it justice).

I promise there will be more pictures soon!


  1. Love it! It looks so cosy, beautiful and so peaceful. I am so happy for you:)

  2. Hi! Thanks - it is very peaceful here. I love the countryside, so it's perfect for me :-) x

  3. Love the hay feeder!I'm guessing you are North (ish?) Wales (from the views :) )


  4. Yup. Spot on. Near Denbigh - our house sits just on the side of the Clwydian Mountains and we get a lovely view of the Vale of Clwyd x