Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I can't get enough of this place. Here was the view from our study this morning at 7.45am:

I could start sounding like a stuck record if I carry on like this... but I am enjoying our new place a lot. The house is much colder than our old one and we have spent HOURS cleaning it, but we have also found time to go out and explore the area. Mostly we have been investigating supermarkets (eight in six days!), but we also took a day trip to the coast for a picnic on our two year wedding anniversary, and we are planning a lot of walking trips in the hills near our house. Sadly the husband starts his new job in two weeks' time, so our freedom to do what we like on any day is limited, but we will still have weekends to enjoy our new home.

(this bear had banana ice-cream for brains)

Things will take a little while to get back to normal here, but I promise some new drawings soon!


  1. That looks like a bit of Heaven on Earth: lucky you! :-)
    (Oh, and the pins arrived! I love them, thank you!)

  2. That's great news that the pins arrived - I was getting a bit anxious about them! And glad you liked them :-)

    The area we have moved to is just lovely - so much more wild than the cultivated farmland of Essex. I am delighted! x

  3. Hey Karen! Sorry I disappeared...was off on my travels but am back now. Congratulations on your new place. It's in a gorgeous part of the world and I wish you all the best! x

  4. Hi Laura - don't be sorry! I hope you had a lovely time away :-) and thanks for your well wishes. We are just about settled in now, bar a few things to make it a bit less spartan. I am certainly enjoying it here. xx

  5. Very glad to hear it! It looks like a gorgeous place...