Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Morning all. How was your weekend? We are ahead of ourselves in the house-packing now and it doesn't feel like such a big job to finish it. Tomorrow I will go through all of my clothes and throw some out, or save some for the charity shop. On Sunday, when I was looking for something to wear, I couldn't find a single thing that I both liked and was appropriate. I hate my wardrobe sometimes and I know it's all my own fault for being miserly - so I never buy anything - and fickle, which means I always want something different :-/ I think it is time I had a big rethink.

My life is pretty boring at the moment - we went to paint a ceiling in my old flat yesterday. Oh yes. The reason why I was away is that interesting. I have work to do today, despite my best efforts to STOP working so I can concentrate on moving house. I can't win... but it's for the lovely Fiat 500 again. I can't say no, can I?

Oh, one piece of good news - we exchanged contracts on our house so it is officially SOLD! Whoop! I have been waiting for that piece of news for weeks.

I'll see if I can draw something or come up with something more interesting to say later.


  1. Yey, for packing done! I'm dreading mine next week-everything is in complete disarray and I have done a big "sort" for a year or so.

    I may have found the perfect flat today (well perfect in the rental, everything snapped up, just going to accept stuff is not cheap sort of world).

    Unfortunately the bank promptly ate my card for no reason, so sorting out all the deposits etc. is going to be interesting.

    We must have a weekend "exchange" trip once our lives have settled down and we are both in dire need of entertainment!

  2. Well, we're still in a state of disarray here - the house is too small to both live in AND have piles of boxes everywhere. It's terrible! Good luck with your packing, and I hope you find somewhere nice to live. We will try to visit you there, and you must come and see our new place. Oh, and yes, of course you can have my lecture notes - I may want them back one day, but you can certainly loan them for as long as you like. Next time you visit I will gather them together for you. Warning - they are a mess! xx