Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Drawn - adulthood 02

What the hell happens to people when they go to Ikea? It's like some sort of illness. Hands up if you've ever been to Ikea and left with something utterly pointless (and often hideous) in your trolley...


  1. I left with a miniature Ironing board which I then had to carry up to Glasgow on the National Express. I used it 0.5 times in Glasgow because I don't really iron. I didn't even intend to go to Ikea but my friend becca needed to "stop by".

    I think you need a part II to this though. You have captured the small things marketplace beautifully, but there is a second part to Ikea. Just when you think you've finished you enter the hell-zone that is the warehouse where you promptly can't find anything (you did write down all the shelf numbers earlier on, right? No, oh fuck). Then, when you've wrestled all that, you get to the till and realise they need to find the bar codes for everything. Then you exit to a sloping car park where they won't allow you to take trolleys out. You somehow manage and end up careering down the hill. At which point men carrying small children have a near death experience.

    By the end of all this you resemble a small child crying waaaaaaaaaaaa. Friend who thought it would be fun to come along for the ride thinks you are utterly crazy and this is enhanced as you promptly drive psychopathically home round numerous roundabouts unable to see out of the back of your car laden with crap things you can't even assemble.

    Yep, Ikea is DEFINITELY an illness.

  2. sorry I invaded your blog with a rant.

    Thats how stressful Ikea was last Saturday!

  3. Ah, shit, yes, the warehouse. I have been there and suffered before with Mark. It was harrowing. And I think ALL of the things you describe about the Ikea experience are spot on - I have thought exactly those things and behaved exactly in that way myself.

    And no, I don't iron either. But I did look at the mini ironing board last time I was in Ikea :-)

  4. This drawing is just sooo funny!! I love the way you can draw such funny things:)

    I will put out one of my adulf drawings too on my blog. Something I made earlier. I think this subject "Adult" is great. I am trying to avoid beeing an adult every day:)

  5. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. I'll take a look on your blog for your drawing :-) - I am trying to avoid being an adult today, but I have a meeting with my business adviser this morning :-( Poor me!