Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Drawn - adulthood 07

You know it's the beginning of the end when you look in the mirror one morning and you see something has drastically changed without you noticing it. Now, let me tell you something: I have never had a crease under my bum cheeks. It's just a feature (or lack thereof) of my strangely flat yet square-edged Chinese arse. Words such as 'peachy' and 'pert' have never really applied to it. It's just there, somewhere under the odd folds of my jeans (trousers have never hung quite right on my behind). But I didn't have creases under the cheeks. Not until (I admit, in my increasingly pointless vanity) I deemed to turn round and look at it in the mirror this morning. I'm not gaining weight; I'm not even nearly overweight, but there they were. They were not even the kind of normal creases that some ladies have - you know, a single, well-defined line - but were kind of dry, multiple wrinkles, like my bum's equivalent of crow's feet. I am mortified. I am not even 30 years old yet. Lord help me, I'm dying.


  1. This might be what my grandma refers to as a "drop shassey" (or something like that. She maintains this is why she cannot wear trousers!

    The great thing about backsides is that you never have to see them.

    And if you don't look in the mirror, it doesn't exist :)

  2. maybe drop chassis?

    Yeah, I shouldn't use mirrors to look at my arse or anything. Not wise :-)

  3. I would reassure you with a description of MY decrepit backside, but I'm still coming to terms with it, alas. And it started deteriorating YEARS ago. :-S

  4. Ach, it's not so dire. :-) I have good health. And family. And friends!

  5. You're absolutely right :-) Those are most important of all x