Tuesday, 26 October 2010

life drawing

We had a different model this week. It was quite difficult to get her proportions right.


  1. You are such a great drawer! Great work.It sound so nice to do life drawings.

    I also have to say that when you are not motivated and you feel that everyone else is such a creative persons, then remember that I admire your work like you do to others. I think your work is great and you inspire me so much:)

  2. Hi! Thanks - you're so sweet. It is really good fun doing life drawing. It is good practice for me to draw things from life rather than just from my imagination - I get lazy otherwise, so it's good to do more observational drawing. If you hunt around, a lot of places have groups of people who meet up and hire a model for drawing - I'm so glad I joined.

    I'm a bit tired of my own work at the moment, but I go up and down, so I'm sure I will feel better about it soon. You're right, I should remember that other people admire the things I draw too :-) Thanks. x