Thursday, 2 December 2010

30 years

Yup. It's my thirtieth birthday today. I'm officially grown up! How do I feel? No different really - it's kind of nice to be in your thirties, I think. I feel like my life is pootling along nicely - I have a wonderful husband, I live in a beautiful place (the house is a little lacking but we will remedy that soon, I hope!), and I have an amazing family. I feel incredibly lucky because of these things. My career is going OK - looks like this Christmas will be manic again - and I hope that I'll never give up trying to improve it.

Things have gone a bit crazy round here. It's the usual 'when it rains, it pours' thing with work - three jobs at once, two of them big and lasting until the new year. I am a busy bee right now, but it's all good fun and I'm always much happier when I'm occupied with work. So posting might be a bit lighter around here until next year, but I do hope to find time to keep drawing things to make you laugh.


  1. Happy birthday Karen! I am so happy for you, that you appreciate so much about your life and glad to hear that you are busy with your job. Best wishes:)

  2. My sincere congratulations, Karen, a day late but totally heartfelt. You are a delight to know, and thank you for all the smiles and sighs of recognition you have inspired in the year past... and speaking of years, may the coming one be everything you ever hoped it might be!

  3. Thank you, Lynn! It's been a pleasure for me too, meeting lovely people like you through blogging - it's so sweet of you to leave a message here. All the best to you too :-) x