Monday, 13 December 2010

My brain is fried

Good morning! I'm so sorry. I have been a bad bunny this last week or two. On the positive side, I've been away earning me some money, which is quite useful, I think you'll agree. On the negative side, I haven't got much to tell you about because I've been holed up in my desk space for days with little stimulation. Let me see...

1. My fingers are still swollen like hams.
2. I've been sneakily shopping on eBay for all sorts of wonderful things, including brown parcel paper. Yeah, it's that interesting around here.
3. We went to Manchester on Saturday to have a proper look around. What a fabulous city! It's the closest thing to a mini London I've seen yet, with great vintage clothes shops and wonderful things to eat. We had lunch at Oklahoma cafe (facebook), which was also a sweet gift shop full of quirky things like Japanese paper balloons and amusing teatowels.
4. I still haven't done Christmas cards. The picture above is one drawing I've rejected, incomplete.

Oh dear...


  1. I love this drawing. This one too:) Me- a fan of you:)

  2. Manchester is indeed awesome. I haven't been shopping there for ages! Must visit!

    I keep harping on about Northern cities but really Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester are awesome (and Newcastle looks great too). Grandeur on a more manageable scale than London.

    Nottingham has a bad rep but also has quite a fine centre. Its a bit teeny tiny though so not all the interesting shops of the bigger cities.

  3. Mola-Mo - thank you! x

    Kat - you have to come and visit (as soon as we have somewhere nice to live!). Oklahoma was a vegetarian place that did the most amazing baked sweet potatoes with all sorts of fillings and nice juices and stuff like that. I haven't have a very good explore yet, but it would be fun to go with you. x