Tuesday, 22 March 2011

exciting news

Remember this and this post, in which I said we had fallen a little bit in love?

And you know how I've been banging on for months about not having a house to play with? Well, on Monday, after nearly a year of wrangling, begging for mortgages, and a lot of harrowing near-collapses (hence my emotional meltdown last week), we finally completed our purchase of a new home - a beautiful, slightly dilapidated country Georgian farmhouse. Here is a picture of the front door key, and no, that's not a freakishly small banana:

We will be very busy doing things to the house over the next few weeks (despite its pretty appearance it needs a lot of work!), but I will be back here every now and then with updates and new pictures, so please keep on popping by to see how we are doing.

Right now, I am deliriously happy and SO excited to finally have a place that we can make into a proper home.


  1. You cannot imagine how happy I am for you!
    (I was a bit worried) This is going to be FUN to follow!

  2. Congratulations! I know how good it feels to come home to your own space.

  3. Thank you both! We are really looking forward to making this place our home and I'll be sure to be spending far too much time blogging about my decor dilemmas! xx

  4. I wish you happy, healty and long life in your new home. Have fun when you are decorating.

  5. Thank you so much :-) We are already having lots of fun! x