Saturday, 9 April 2011

currently watching on eBay

Industrial wood and metal table from the Netherlands, £599 or best offer.

Vintage German military industrial table £685 or best offer. Ouch!

Vintage painted plaster model of ear, £40 - a good buy, I think!

Another lovely Memlite lamp - Friday's current bid was £1.20. Somehow I think it won't be that cheap for long...

Vintage French school poster £27.50 or best offer - a pretty good price, given how much I've seen them sell for on eBay and in the Paris flea markets! This is the seller.

Sorry, I can't be arsed with eBay links because they expire so quickly, but if you search under the titles I've given the items, they should appear in the listings (unless you're reading this a few weeks after I've posted it, of course!).


  1. You find the best stuff! The seller of that first table, coincidentally, is the man I bought my credenza from. :-)
    I keep watching the UK Ebay for the things I need/want - last week a loooong teak retro table went for GBP10. :-S Those pick-up only items slay me, but I shall persevere!

  2. :-) Hi Lynn - what a coincidence that you got your credenza from the same seller. Their shipping to the UK is very reasonable, I think, even from the Netherlands. And that table sounds like a great find - I kind of wish I'd spotted it, but I only seem to find the stupidly expensive stuff on eBay! It's such a shame when it's pick-up only. Fingers crossed something like that comes up in the Netherlands some time.

    Hope you are well xx

  3. Hello
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