Tuesday, 24 May 2011


We started off with a room that looked like Satan's boudoir, all black walls and gloom that rose into a cavernous ceiling.

Hours of stripping, wrecking, plastering and painting later:

Things have gotten a bit out of hand here. I will be briefed for another Honda ad this morning, then I'm off to the dentist for some unpleasantries. We've been trying our best to knock this place into a habitable kind of shape and, with a large group of friends landing on our doorstep on June 11th, we're going to have to make some serious progress quickly! Oh, and some furniture might be nice. It's all marvellous fun, though.


  1. I'm so chuffed that I've found your blog. I'll be looking forward to watching your housey progress.

    I've been 'tarting up' my house for the last 8 years and I'm nearly done -yippee! So now I can get my D.I.Y fix by following you x

  2. This is already a minor miracle and a major achievement - WOW. You're moving right along, with bells on...:-)
    And you'll be fine for the visitors in two weeks, you'll see: real friends don't mind a bit of roughing-it, and often a bit of communal DIY makes for a very successful weekend!

  3. Lizzie - hi! So nice of you to leave a comment. I just had a gander at your blog and my goodness, you made that house very lovely over those eight years. I hope we'll be able to make our place as personal and as loved as yours!

    Lynn - thanks! I think our friends are used to our eccentric living conditions - we hosted a New Year weekend at our old place a couple of years ago. Sixteen people crammed into a tiny, low-ceilinged cottage was pretty cosy to say the least, but I think we all had a grand time! And sure, I can rope people in to help out. One of the couples is bringing their new baby - the first amongst this group of friends and we are SO excited!

    Thanks all for being so lovely

  4. Urrrgh! The horror of that black floral wallpaper and border is absolute. You've done a brill job though, well done! x

  5. :-) it was pretty grim in there. We still haven't moved into the room because there are no skirting boards or any power to the room (electrician's coming tomorrow), but we can't wait. It's a lovely space.