Monday, 5 July 2010

The husband has bought loads of stuff, including a car

So I've been thinking about what I would splurge some money on, if I could bear it. A new bag and casual jacket for summer, a new pair of sandals, swimwear, something light to wear, and a bit of bling (my goodness, do I like that little grey-diamond bit of bling!)


  1. ohhhh that bling does look quite fantastic!! it's soo unique and beautiful! i love those grey shoes too!

  2. Ah but what outfit would _match_the husbands car.

    I dread to think...

  3. Hi Sandy - thanks! I'm glad you like them - lucky for you to be in the US. I would have to pay a lot in shipping to have those shoes :-/

    Kat - I can't even imagine... The car's not as bad as it seems. It's tiny. Even so, I'm a bit embarrassed to be seen in it. It's scary to drive too, being so light.