Friday, 22 October 2010

dining tables

I was discussing dining tables with the husband this morning (as one does) and realized that I don't really know what I want. When I'm imagining furnishing a spacious kitchen-diner sometimes I lean towards a battered old wooden country style table and at other times I lean towards something more industrial and stark. I have been pootling around the internet having a look and here are a few I found.

Vintage rubber-topped metal table made by Art Metal, £350 starting price on eBay.

Industrial canteen table
, £1395, Pigeon Vintage. I love this thing. Why? I think it's the contrast provided by the black legs. Sigh... so expensive!

Fermier zinc-topped table from Lavender & Sage, £616.25. Shame about the bars across the bottom: they would seriously annoy me if I were to use it as a dining table!

Labtop dining table, £950+vat, Trainspotters.


  1. I have totally the same problem! I covet a retro teak table with tapered legs, and then I worry about having TOO much teak in the room. Then I consider a black table, or brown-black, and fret because I actually would prefer black fake Eames' to white and that might look too somber. And the table we HAVE - an Ikea one we paid 225 guilders for 16 years ago - is pine and I am allergic to too many different types of wood in one room. :-S
    I agree totally about those bars though - you could never just slide your chairs under the table!

  2. :-) Hi Lynn! I too have deeply seated worries about too many types of wood in one room. Once you have a wooden floor that wreaks havoc on other choices - I don't like my rooms to look too brown or too orange-brown (if you have teak). I'm on a teak buying hiatus because I think I have enough already :-) I think something black sounds like a good idea - I don't think it looks too sombre if there aren't too many dark things in the room or if it is lit well. As I said, I like the contrast of a bit of black.

    And I think it sounds like high time you got yourself a table that you love. 16 years of living with one that isn't quite right sounds like payment enough :-) Go and get yourself something beautiful!