Friday, 1 October 2010

Drawn - insecurities 01

OK, here's the next theme: insecurities.

I've hated the little pocket of fat that I've carried in the area below my belly button ever since a friend at school (she will remain unnamed) came up to me in gym class whilst I was cringing against a wall in a leotard and casually reached out and tickled it, saying something like 'little belly!'. No matter how slim I get, there is always a little wobble there.

But everyone has friends who make them feel bad every now and then, right?

What are your insecurities? Let me know in your comments and I'll draw them if I can :-)

Have a great weekend, all.


  1. I worry about not being able to shut up. And the more I worry about what I say and the volume and quantity of it the more words fly out of my mouth like a disease.

  2. When we were getting measured for caps and gowns for high school graduation, the guy doing the measuring told me that I had the largest head in my class. It's bothered me ever since.

  3. Cannon - :-D that's a coincidence because when I was tiny, we had to wear straw hats with our uniforms at school, and I remember they had to order mine in specially because my head was too big! I know how it feels!

    Kat - I see your struggle :-P but I don't mind it at all

    Thanks for your ideas!