Monday, 20 July 2009

clocks and other vintage things

As a part of my mourning process for the clock (yeah yeah, I'll shut up about it after this), I've been trawling the internet to see what else I can get. If only I had loadsa money (and a MUCH bigger house), eh?

Above: from Clock Props in London, where you can hire clocks as props or buy them for your home. Clockwise from top left: 1930s two-sided wall clock £650, 1950s cream electric clock sold, Smiths red factory clock £325, Large Station Clock 75cm diameter sold, BrilliĆ© factory clock £295, French tin wall clock £110.

Above: from London Timepiece. No.2171 46cm diameter with red hands £285 (left), no.2173 50cm diameter industrial clock £265 (right).

Above: Pedlars have a selection of restored vintage Smiths clocks and large factory clocks from £95-£1000.

I found this large station clock that has already been sold by Pigeon Vintage in Brighton. I had a look at the rest of the stuff they have for sale and, me oh my, do they have some tasty-looking things. They have vintage educational charts, 1950s hospital bedside cabinets, this lovely set of 1950s painted wooden lockers (below) that I'd have in my studio any day, if only I had room, and (bottom) this oh-my-good-god-I-would-kill-small-mammals-to-have-this haberdasher's display cabinet. With a 'price on application' tag, I don't think the price of this beauty is for the faint-hearted...

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