Monday, 6 July 2009


Here's another obsession: 1950s larders in pretty colours. I've just spotted this one on The Peanut Vendor in a lovely yellow. I sometimes go onto eBay and type 'vintage larder' into the search bar and have seen some marvellous things over there in the past. None of note today.

I think I'd use one as an art materials storage cupboard in my studio, if only I had room! Mark doesn't think too much of them - we saw a lovely powder blue one in our local junk shop and OK, it was in a bit of a state, but he declared he wanted it nowhere near him, so into my studio it would have to go. One day.

And just for some eye candy, here's a sweet little mid-century box I saw at Junk Culture's shop on Etsy. But it's already sold, dammit!

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