Monday, 12 October 2009

the weekend

was pretty good, all in all. Minus having to drive the husband to the airport via one of the most annoying motorways in England (take a guess... yeah, the M25). Lordy, that was awful - stop-start driving amongst the never-ending roadworks and alongside what appeared to be EVERY SINGLE nutjob driver in the South. Urgh.

The weekend visit to the North was good - lots of family fun and appallingly bad Trivial Pursuit 'pop-culture edition' playing. I'm the worst person when it comes to knowing anything about TV, films, music etc. I watch nothing, I watched nothing in my youth and my musical knowledge is more of the, uh, classical kind. Call me sad, call me behind with the times, but I don't really mind not ever having watched 'Spaceballs' or any more than one 'Back to the Future'...

Best bits included an eye-opening foray into Halifax, which had a charming indoor market and lots of charity shops. I bought a pair of 1980s black pixie boots, which are all the rage at the moment and, because they are too small for me, I intend to sell them on eBay where they are selling for ridiculous sums of money right now. What else did I get? From an amazing second-hand bookshop in the Piece Hall, I got hold of a beautiful children's story book with perfectly aged paper, which I shall scan something from later today if I have the time. Bear with me, I'm supposed to be working!

The husband is away again, this time in Korea, and has taken the camera away from me, so no photos this week! I popped into some charity shops this morning and came back with a teapot and a squat little planter that I intend to draw on with porcelain pens and sell in my soon-to-be-open shop. How exciting. Now I've just got to think of things to draw on them. I love experimenting.

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